About BCC Corporate payment solution company

About BCC Corporate

Leading issuer of Visa and Mastercard Corporate Cards in the Benelux

BCC Corporate is one of the leading issuers of Visa and Mastercard Corporate Cards in the Benelux region and far beyond, serving many top tier multinational companies and institutions. Aside from our business payment solutions, we also provide high quality consumer cards such as Miles & More Payment Card and Mastercard Gold Card.

Since May 3rd 2017, BCC Corporate has been officially acquired by AirPlus International. Together we strive, with strong, specialized and experienced staff, to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

As a BCC Corporate customer, you will benefit from this acquisition. You will continue to use your trusted solution and at the same time gain access to our AirPlus’ complete

range of solutions. It is a step to get closer to you, in order to serve you better and more efficiently.

This operation is part of AirPlus’ European growth strategy in the market of virtual and mobile payment solutions. It will provide you with products and processes that are standardized internationally.

Building on their respective years of experience in the business travel payment sector, the ambition of the two new general managers Nicolas Ancot and Michael Fürer is to further grow AirPlus’ and BCC Corporate’s activities in the Benelux.

Questions about our Corporate and Consumer payment cards?

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