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E-Pay Card 
for Companies and Large Organisations

The E-Pay Card is a virtual card especially developed to facilitate all your online business purchases, such as online reservations with low-cost airlines, orders made over the phone and other purchases made via the internet.

The E-Pay Card from BCC Corporate is a central card number issued in the name of a department in your company and can therefore be used by more then one employee. This means you no longer neer to entrust several people with a personal card in your name or the name of an employee.

Why the E-Pay Card payment solution?

User friendly

As the card number is issued in the name of a department, employees who don’t have their own Corporate Card can also make online purchases for your company.


A virtual card has been chosen so that all your transactions can be carried out as securely as possible. You are only issued with a card number and the corresponding card verification code (CVC) which you can use to make all your reservations and other online payments.

Complete control

As a company, you decide which employee will be the central administrator of the ePay Card, i.e. the person who signs the contract with BCC Corporate and is responsible for use of the card. As a company, you are also responsible for payment of the amount spent using the ePay Card via your company’s account. This can be done by bank transfer or direct debit/automatic collection.

Accepted everywhere

Visa and Mastercard are the most used and accepted credit cards with 36 million accepting merchants around the world.

MyWebReporting - Our Unique Online Reporting Tool

MyWebReporting is BCC Corporate's unique online reporting tool. With this online application you can supervise your employees' E-Pay Card use easily and continuously. Via secure internet pages, you can review the expenditure statements of all employees wherever they may be and this 24/7. Clear and precise reports give you a listing by employee or by supplier.

Always available

Review expenditure statements of all employees 24/7 via highly secured internet pages.

Available everywhere

You no longer need paper statements; web reporting is available over internet wherever you may be.

Clear and precise

With just a few mouse clicks you see a summary by employee or supplier.

Your E-Pay Card comes with unique insurances and extra benefits

E-Pay Card Insurance and Assistance Package

Next to the advantages and conveniences mentioned above, BCC Corporate's E-Pay Card comes with a comprehensive assistance and insurance package, offering people travelling for your business complete peace of mind, even in the unlikely event an accident occurs.

Travel accidents insurance

€ 200,000 in coverage + € 60,000 toward search and rescue costs when 100% of the transportation was paid with an E-Pay Card.

Travel inconvenience insurance

If at least 50% of the transportation was paid with an E-Pay Card:
• loss or theft of baggage or up to € 800
• baggage delays up to € 250 per person
• delayed flights, missed connections, overbooking up to € 250 per person
• loss of identity card (cost of a replacement document)

Travel assistance

Repatriation and evacuation, travel information, advance on medical expences of up to € 10,000.

Extra Benefits

BCC Corporate has more than 25 years of experience in the professional credit card industry, resulting in a number of extra benefits for our valued card holders.

Good value

There is no charge for payments within the Euro zone; you have a very advantageous exchange rate for purchases outside the Euro zone.

Payment method

From your company account by bank transfer or direct debit payment terms are flexible.


You determine which employees can use the E-Pay Card, which receive reports and what kind of responsibility structure you want.

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